Are you struggling to pay your bills?
Don’t have money for emergency expenses?
Have a high level of debt?
Not able to save enough for your dreams?

If yes, it is time for a financial checkup. Check how well you manage your money with Finscore.

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Here is what your Finscore range means.

  • 781-900: Excellent
    You are a master in managing your finances. Just keep doing the good work.
  • 661-780: Very good
    You are doing good in managing your money and setting an example among others.
  • 541-660: Good
    You have ideal financial health and have a good balance in spending, saving, and investment.
  • 421-540: Average
    You might be struggling with your finances but can improve in areas like saving, investment, etc.
  • 300-420: Poor
    Your financial health needs attention. Go to a financial expert for help at the earliest.

Say goodbye to financial stress forever

Just answer 8 simple questions to check your Finscore and start managing your money better.

Have any doubts?

What is Finscore?

Finscore is a tool to check your financial health. It evaluates your income, expenses, savings, debt, insurance, and other parameters to help you understand your financial situation.

How does Finscore work?

You can find out your Finscore by answering eight simple questions related to your financial habits and preferences. You'll need to subscribe to the service for a year to access your Finscore.

How often should I check my Finscore?

You should check it after changes in finances. It is recommended to check it every month.

What are the benefits of using Finscore?

Understand your current financial health.
Get personalized recommendations to improve your financial situation.
Potentially reduce financial stress.
Set and achieve financial goals.