Introducing the AI-Backed New-Age of Equity Investment Services.

India's first wealth management platform powered by AI. Experience the future of investing with us, where cutting-edge technology meets plans that are based on results.


Why should Invest in Equity All-Rounder


Key Highlight

All-Rounder delivered Optimum Returns over The Past 3 Years along with Capital Preservation.


Why should you trust All-Rounder?

15+ years of back-tested data, Big data analytics covering all sorts of market cycles, 100+ man years of experience in market research.


Who should invest in All-Rounder?

From a newbie investor who is just starting out to an experienced investor can invest in Al-Backed All-Rounder.

How does All-Rounder stand apart from Traditional Investing?

Al-Backed Investment Model

Our custom-made Algorithm identifies the market trends and monitors stock performances on a regular basis, so we can offer you a tailor-made portfolio that aligns itself with your investment needs and suits your risk appetite. With the help of an Al-Backed Algorithm,All-Rounder had generated 2x returns when compared to Top Indices. The All-Rounder model uses artificial intelligence to curate the stocks in order to create a diversified investment portfolio.


Optimum Returns

In the past three years, All-Rounder has consistently outperformed Nifty and has delivered 30% CAGR.


Capital Preservation

One of the unique features of Al-backed All-Rounder is that it preserves the invested capital while optimizing returns.


Timely Advice and Course-Correction

During volatile market conditions, All-Rounder helps with Timely Rebalancing updates to optimize returns on investment.

About 5nance


5nance is an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-backed Performance driven Wealth Management Platform, a SEBI-registered entity based out of Mumbai. Our financial advisory services adhere to long-term wealth creation for our customers.

Al-Backed products analyze millions of data points, and market trends to help our customers make informed financial decisions. Our investment advisory services enable clients to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence technology to reap maximum returns on their investments.

The core values of our investment advisory services have remained the same since we started our journey in 2010. We put our customers first, with a focus and commitment to helping them achieve their financial goals. Our robust Al-driven technology differentiates us from traditional financial

5nances team comprises a diverse array of professionals, whose combined experience in capital markets helps us make decisions based on wisdom and thoughtful insights.

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