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What is a SIP Calculator?

A SIP calculator is an easy tool that enables individuals to estimate the returns on their SIP-based mutual fund investments. Mutual fund SIP investments have become one of the most popular options for investing for millennials in the past few years.
The purpose of these SIP calculators for mutual funds is to provide prospective investors with an estimate of their mutual fund investments. However, the actual returns offered by a mutual fund scheme vary based on a number of criteria. The SIP calculator does not specify the exit stress and expense ratio (if applicable).
This calculator will calculate your monthly SIP investment's wealth gain and expected returns. Indeed, you receive an approximation of the maturity amount on all of your monthly SIPs, based on the assumed annual return rate.

How can a SIP return calculator help you?

According to a variety of mutual fund experts, SIPs are a more profitable method of investing instead of investing in a lump amount. It helps you build financial discipline and a habit of saving that will be beneficial in the future.
An online SIP calculator is useful for estimating the returns you will earn after the investment period.
A few of the benefits of SIP calculators are listed below:

  • Helps you set the quantity you are looking to invest.
  • Represents the total quantity of your investments.
  • Offers an estimate of the expected returns.

How to use Swaraj's systematic investment plan calculator?

You can use the SIP amount calculator from Swaraj within a few clicks. Just enter the monthly invested amount (the amount for which you have started the SIP), the number of years for which you want to stay invested, and the expected rate of return. As soon as you input the value, the calculator will show you the estimated amount you can avail after your investment tenure is complete.

Advantages of using Swaraj systematic investment plan calculator

Swaraj offers the best SIP calculator, which provides the following advantages -

  • Plan your investment based on the amount and tenure.
  • It helps you compute an estimation of the total value of investments at the end of your SIP tenure.
  • Shows accurate results and helps you save time required during a manual calculation.
A systematic investment plan calculator ensures that your savings portfolio is as per your requirements and financial needs.