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In which debt mutual fund should I invest

I am planning to invest Rs. 6 lac in two debt funds. I am a long-term investor and request you to suggest two different debt funds for the same?

Dec 13, 2017 by Nagraj Madhavrao, Chennai  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to swarajwealth Investment Advisors. As you want to invest in debt funds for the long term and given the current interest rate scenario, we will suggest you to invest in Credit Opportunities Fund. You can go with the following two funds which have got... Read More

How do I know if my SIPs are registered with respective AMCs

I have some quarries regarding SIP investments - 1) I have started investing in SIP through finance firm in Mumbai (Samarth EduFin Services Pvt Ltd). I have send all required documents and SIP is expected to start from Nov 17, 2) My investments are:- Long Term - a) Aditya Birla Sun Life Equity Fund - Rs 4000, b) ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund - Rs 3000, c) Reliance Tax Saver Fund - Rs 3000, Short Term - d) L&T India Prudence Fund - Rs 2500, e) ICICI Prudential Savings Fund - Rs 2500, 3) My queries are:- a) How can I check authenticity of firm? b) Will the firm receive any percentage of my SIP profit? c) How can I check the SIP progress? d) Are the Investments done in above SIP worth it? e) What is advisable, investment in SIP through finance firm or UTI/ ET money apps?

Nov 6, 2017 by Sumit, Solapur  |   Mutual Fund

Good to know that you are starting to invest through mutual fund SIPs. However, you have not mentioned if you had given a cheque for starting the SIP when you sent the SIP application form to the said mutual fund distributor. If it is so, has the amount been... Read More

Have I selected the best ELSS mutual funds for saving taxes

I am Divya from Chennai . My age is 26. Initially for tax saving purpose, I have started investing in MF through SIP from last 6 month onwards in following funds - 1) ABSL Tax Relief 96 - Growth, 2) Mirae Asset Tax Saver - Growth, 3) Franklin India High Growth Companies - Growth. I am investing monthly 2000 on above mentioned fund each. Are these funds good for long term investment? Please suggest?

Oct 27, 2017 by J. Divya, Chennai  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to swarajwealth Investments. Happy to see that the funds you have invested in all are good performing. However, only the first two funds - ABSL Tax Relief 96 Growth and Mirae Asset Tax Saver Growth - are from ELSS category and qualifies or tax... Read More

Have I invested in best performing mutual funds

I am 30 years old investing in MF from last year onwards. I have invested through SIP in following four funds of each 2000 Rs. 1) ABSL Front Line Equity - Growth, 2) Most Focused Multi Cap 35 Fund - Growth, 3) L&T India Value Fund - Growth, 4) Reliance Small Cap Fund - Growth. I am planning to invest 10+ years. Please suggest me am I in a correct path?

Oct 23, 2017 by J. Ashok Kumar, Salem  |   Mutual Fund

Thanks for writing to swarajwealth Investments. Happy to see that that the funds you have invested in all are good performing from their respective categories. You have equal SIP allocation of 25% each in large cap, diversified, mid cap and small categories... Read More

How is my mutual fund SIP scheme selection

I would like to seek your good advice on the following mutual fund SIP investments that I have made. 1) Kotak Select Focus Fund (G) - SIP of Rs 3000, 2) Motilal Focused Multicap 35 (G) - SIP of Rs 3000, 3) HFDC Midcap Opportunities Fund - SIP of Rs 3000, 4) SBI Small and Midcap Fund - SIP of Rs 2000. I am 27 years old and looking forward to invest for a long time period of 15 to 20 years or even more. Currently, I hold similar investments in SBI Mutual Fund since July 2016 a) SBI Blue Chip – Rs 3000 SIP, b) SBI Midcap Fund - Rs 3000 SIP, c) SBI Multicap Fund - Rs 3000 SIP. What would your suggestions on these selections?

Oct 10, 2017 by Sumit, Bangalore  |   Mutual Fund

You have selected good mutual fund schemes for your monthly SIPs. But we are not sure if you have already started the SIPs or planning to start the same. If you are yet to start, then kindly note that SBI Small and Midcap Fund is not accepting any investments as... Read More

Which is the best mutual fund SIP to invest for long term

My age is 33 and I have 2 years kids. I am investing 2500 each in ICICI Prudential Value Discovery Fund Growth and SBI Magnum Multicap Fund Growth from the last one year. After 20 years I need 1 Crores in my hand. Can you please tell me how much monthly amount has to be invested?

Oct 10, 2017 by Somnath, Coimbatore  |   Mutual Fund

You are investing Rs 5,000 through monthly SIPs in diversified equity funds. By investing Rs 5,000 a month you can accumulate a corpus of only Rs 50 Lakhs after 20 years assuming returns to be at 12%. But as your target is to reach Rs 1 Crore after 20 years, you... Read More

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