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Best Liquid Funds to Invest in the Year - 2018

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We people earn money and save it for any emergency time. Do you save your funds in a bank’s saving account? Probably you would, because mostly people think that a bank is the safest medium to save money. No doubt, it is one of the safest places but there are also some other ways to do so. Such mediums also offer similar security and instant liquidity whenever you need.

The medium we are talking about is Liquid mutual funds. Where a saving bank account offers an annual interest of 3.5%, on the other a liquid fund offers a much higher return of around 6.5% p.a. That’s why intelligent people prefer to store money that might be needed in emergency in liquid funds.

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Here we are going to introduce you the best liquid funds prevailing in market at top positions:

Reliance Liquid Fund

Reliance Liquid Fund is one of the top performing liquid funds in India and it is being managed by one of the best fund houses i.e Reliance Mutual Fund AMC. Its prime goal is to deliver steady returns and extreme level of liquidity to its depositors while diminishing risk to the investment.

To attain this goal, the fund invests chiefly in several money market investments and fixed income debts. It has posted 3-year average ROI of 8%, which make it a considerable fund to invest in.

ICICI Prudential Liquid Plan

It is a leading class liquid mutual fund being managed by ICICI prudential mutual fund AMC. Its objective is to deliver reasonable returns with minimal risk on the capital invested.

The plan features a top level of liquidity with a quoted 80% of its funds invested in money market schemes. The remaining capital is invested in debt instruments. The ROI for 3-years offered in this plan is near to 8%, which makes it a leading performer in the segment.

HDFC Liquid Fund

HDFC Liquid Fund is being run by HDFC AMC. Its chief objective is to increase income consistently with an extreme level of liquidity, through a prudent mix portfolio consisting of debt instruments and money market.

This is also a high level performing liquid fund of the year - 2018. The average 3-year ROI being offered by it is 7.14%.

Aditya Birla Sun life Liquid Fund- Short Term Plan

Under vigilance of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund AMC which has been on the top rank of India’s leading fund houses, makes it a definite pick in the segment. According to its objective, it is emphasized on holding a main stream of its investments in debt instruments or money market.

Furthermore, it may also invest in fixed rate schemes in order to meet its objective. With a yearly return of approx. 7.5% in 3-years, makes it one of the liquid funds to go for.

Axis Liquid Fund

Axis Liquid Fund seeks to offer a reasonable return along with minimal risk and a high level of liquidity through a portfolio of high-quality and money market debt instruments. It offered 7.28% rate of interest in average out of previous 3-years.

If you want instant liquidity with higher rate of interest, opting for a reliable and well-established liquid fund is one of the best options.

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Mr. Ajay Kumar Jain, M.Sc, Chairman And Managing Director
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